Think of all the gifts you've bought for women over the years. Chances are, there's a fair amount of jewelry, chocolate, and flowers in there. While the ladies definitely like getting that kind of thing, there's one gift you can give that will guarantee you'll be on her mind every day afterward, and that's a bikini.

Women love to be reminded that they're beautiful. What better way to do that than to buy her a sexy bikini? She'll know you still think she's sexy, you'll get to see her in a bikini more often, and you'll have saved the day with a totally unique gift that she can tell her girlfriends about while she's swooning over you.

The best way to find out your woman's size is to have a look at any bikinis she already owns. The one she wears most often is the best bet - chances are it fits her better and is more comfortable than any others she has. You may have to dig into her unmentionables drawer to find her actual size. Hey, I didn't say it'd be pretty, I just said it would work.

After you've got her size, it's time to decide on a style. There are tons of styles and cuts available, so it's worth the time to do a little research here. Do you want to get her something you know she'll like? Or do you want to surprise her with something totally different?

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